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A group of Ekurobadze known as Bosoe perform with drums while seated and standing outside
Bosoe group of Ekurobadze

Bosoe is a highlife-influenced recreational form of music, not of Fante origin, that at one time had widespread popularity amongst the Akan peoples of southern Ghana. The word “bosoe” means, roughly, to “beat on the drum.” There is a specific dance movement quality that goes along with the rhythmic feel of this music, and the song texts can be on a variety of topics including love, history, morals, religion or events of local interest.

The group recorded here is from Ekurobadze, one of the satellite villages in the Anomabu Traditional Area. (map) In existence for approximately twenty years (as of 1993), membership in this group is open to all members of the community. It is a benevolent society, so it performs for free for members of the group when the occasion arises. The ensemble performs in its home village and nearby communities for funerals and other events. Although not an ensemble of chieftancy, this group on occasion accompanies their village chief to events. This was the only recreational music association in Ekurobadze at the time of the recording; the village has one asafo (warrior) company, which includes a musical component.

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