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Funeral for Asafo Officer

A flag being presented by waving at a funeral
Flag presentation at the funeral for an asafo officer

What follows is a video documentation of part of the funeral rites for Obaapanyin Ekua Samanpe, which took place at the deceased’s residence in Anomabu on April 3, 1993. She was an officer in the Asafo Co. No. 6 of Anomabu, and the segment of her funeral rites documented here was the one in which her company members played a prominent role. Following this send off, there was a funeral service performed for her at her church.

For a Fante, one of the benefits of belonging to an organization in life is that the organization’s membership will assist in making one’s funeral–seen more as a transition into the realm of the ancestors than as an end of life–a memorable one. Because Ekua Samanpe was a prominent member of her asafo company, her funeral was perhaps more dramatic and spectacular than funerals for rank-and-file members. The appearance and incorporation of the impressive long flag belonging to this company that you will see in this footage is a sign of the high position the deceased held in this organization.

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