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Fontomfrom Audio and Video Selections

Audio Selection:

The audio clip captures a short performance of a relatively austere “opening” piece. The support drums simply keep a fast steady pulse while the player of the large fromkasi provides periodic short rhythmic outbursts. Occasionally the atumpan player adds a two-tone rhythmic utterance or cuts across the support beat in an interesting way. The gongon simply keeps its short timeline pattern sounding throughout.

Video Selection:

Most of the video clip is dedicated to the same performance of this opening piece. For a moment, an individual is focused on as he moves in a way appropriate to the music. The clip ends with an excerpt from another, far more lively piece and the spontaneous movement it elicits.

Performance Forces:

gongon large, single, clapperless metal bell struck with a stick; time-keeping instrument
atumpan a pair of large single-headed, goblet-shaped tubular drums struck with a pair of beaters by a single drummer; lead drum
eguankoba single-headed tubular drum, barrel-shaped, struck with two stick beaters; supporting rhythm instrument
ansaba single-headed tubular drum, footed, struck with two straight sticks; supporting rhythm instrument
fromkasi large barrel-shaped, single-headed tubular drum, struck with two L-shaped stick beaters or occasionally with one stick beater and one open hand; rhythmic instrument

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