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Funeral for Paramount Chief

Kete musicians ensemble participates in the funeral procession of the Paramount Chief of Anomabu
The kete ensemble of a chief participating in a procession for the funeral of the  Paramount Chief of Anomabu

Between May 26 and 29, 1993, the citizens of the Anomabu Traditional Area marked the passing of their omanhene (paramount chief), Nana Amonu Aferi III. Although he passed away on February 1 at the age of sixty-six, his funeral rites were delayed for nearly four months while his family and the town of Anomabu planned the ceremonies, notified native residents of Anomabu now living elsewhere in Ghana and abroad in Europe and America, and raised the funds necessary to send their chief to the realm of the ancestors in proper style. I could of course capture only snapshots of the event’s entirety, but there should nonetheless be enough here to give you a sense of the incorporation of music making into an event of such importance to this one Fante community.

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