A pair of bendhé belonging to the gamelan K.K. Guntursari.
Single bendhé shared by several gamelans and used as a signal instrument.

Vertically-suspended bronze gong with a shallow turned-back rim and a raised central boss that is struck with a thickly-padded beater. Similar to but smaller in size than the kempul, the vibrating surface of a bendhé is thicker and produces a penetrating middle-register pitch. The two palace gamelan sekati and the pélog gamelan K.K. Guntursari include a pair of bendhé hung from a shared rack, each gong of the pair producing a distinct pitch. Other palace gamelans share a single bendhé used as a signaling instrument to mark the beginning of a performance of dance. Several palace prajurit corps include one or two handheld bendhé as part of their music ensembles.

Two bendhé (front and right) amongst instruments used by the palace prajurit (military corps).