The kemong (left) of the gamelan sléndro K.K. Medharsih and the kempyang (right) of the gamelan pélog K.K. Mikatsih

A pair of small, horizontally-resting bronze gongs each with a turned back rim and a raised central boss. Struck with a thinly-padded stick beater. Produces two penetrating middle-register pitches that are sounded in alternation with one another. Found only in common practice sléndro gamelans and, in the Yogyakarta kraton, only three of the eight such gamelans include this instrument. Note that the kemong looks very much like the kempyang found in pélog gamelans; they differ in that the kemong pair of gongs are of the setren type (relatively flat top) and the kempyang of the jaler type (relatively peaked top).

The kemong (far right) of gamelan sléndro K.K. Medharsih being performed.