The kecèr of a gamelan belonging to Prince Yudhaningrat of Yogyakarta.

Two pairs of metal concussion cymbals with flat rims mounted on a wood frame. One cymbal of each pair is nailed upward-facing to the frame, the other (which is not attached to the casing) is held downward-facing by a leather strap running through a hole in its dome. With one cymbal in each hand the player strikes them against the stationary cymbals to produce a bright sound rich in overtones. The palace possesses only two kecèr, which can be temporarily added to any gamelan when it is being used for the accompaniment of wayang kulit (shadow-puppet theatre). Unmounted pairs of small concussion cymbals also referred to as kecèr are part of the music ensembles of several palace prajurit (soldier) corps.