bonang kodhok ngorèk

Two bonang of the gamelan kodhok ngorèkbonang jaler in front, bonang klénang or eneng-eneng behind.

A single-row gong chime with eight small horizontally-resting bronze gongs with turned-back rims and raised central bosses. The Yogyakarta gamelan kodhok ngorèk includes four such bonangs, one of them, called setren or female, is tuned an octave lower than the other three of the jaler, or male, type kettles. These bonang are struck with a pair of thinly-padded stick beaters held in the hands of the performers, of which there are two per instrument. While the bonang setren and two of the bonang jaler each have four gongs tuned to one note (sléndro pitch 3) and four others to another note (sléndro pitch 5), the third bonang jaler, sometimes referred to as klénang or eneng-eneng, has all eight gongs tuned to the same note (sléndro pitch 6).

Bonang kodhok ngorèk setren of the gamelan K.K. Maésaganggang.