bonang panembung

The bonang panembung (foreground) of the gamelan pélog K.K. Mikatsih.

A gong chime consisting of two parallel rows of horizontally-resting bronze gongs with turned-back rims and raised central bosses, which are struck with a pair of thinly-padded stick beaters held in the hands of the performer. Bonang panembung have 10 or 12 gongs (for gamelan sléndro) or 14 gongs (for gamelan pélog) on a bed-like frame. The gongs in one row have a higher profile (called jaler, or male) than the gongs in the other row (called setren, or female) and are tuned an octave higher. Most common practice palace gamelans have three sizes of bonang tuned to three different registers: bonang panembung is the largest in size and lowest in register; bonang barung is the middle one in size and register; bonang penerus is the smallest in size and highest in register.