gendèr penerus

sangumukti gamelan
The gendèr penerus of the gamelan sléndro Kyahi Sangumukti.

A metallophone with 12, 13, or 14 thin bronze keys suspended by rope and posts over tuned tube resonators. The bars are struck with a pair of padded-disc beaters, one held in each of the performer’s hands. The instrument produces a full, sustained tone with a soft attack. One gendèr penerus is found in modern common practice sléndro gamelans, two in pélog gamelans. A larger version of this instrument called the gendèr barung, which is tuned an octave lower than the gendèr penerus, is found in all common practice gamelans.

A side-by-side comparison of the gendèr barung (right) and gender penerus (left) of the gamelan sléndro K.K. Surak.