saron peking

Saron section of the gamelan sekati K.K. Gunturmadu–left to right, saron peking, saron ricik, saron demung, saron ricik.

A metallophone with multiple, thick metal bars arranged in a series from large to small over a wooden-box resonator. The bars are struck with a wooden hammer. Saron have 6 bars (for gamelan sléndro) or 7 bars (for gamelan pélog) and come in three graduated sizes: saron demung is the largest in size and lowest in register; saron barung is the middle one in size and register; saron peking is the smallest in size and highest in register. All palace common practice gamelans have multiple saron demung (usually 2, 3, or 4) and multiple saron barung (usually 4, 6, or 8). Some gamelans have one saron peking, but many have none.